Smart - 5S

Smart - 5S

5S periodic audit management software

Smart 5S is a periodic 5S audit management software.

Create checklists by areas, check standards compliance and easily manage your team corrective actions for greater efficiency.


The main functionalities of this solution are:

5S digital audit. Verify and monitor 5S standards compliance.
Action plan management. Plan and monitor the corrective actions associated with the audit.
Audit creation. Prepare, edit and update checklists as you need.
Traceability. Access information and results of previous audits.
Attach documents. Add graphic files to facilitate standards visualization.
Graphs and statistics. Prepares and exports reports on the results of the audits.
All-in-one: centralized and real-time information on the status of 5S in all areas of your company.
Reduce audit document management to focus efforts on what it is important: reinforce your 5S and innovation activities.
Sustainability and commitment: go for a tool that eases the transition to a paperless working environment.
Easily access, extract and share information on your KPI and action plans.
Get up-to-date and accurate data that allows you to react far more quickly to anomalous situations.
Evaluate the impact of your company’s 5S program with performance reports.
Facilitates work for team members and encourages their involvement in sustaining the 5S dynamics.
Facilitates and centralizes 5S improvement actions management and share indicators and action plans.

Developed by Smart Lean Solutions, was found by iAR and ACMP, two companies with a solid experience in the development of industrial software and the implementation of Lean transformation projects, respectively.

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