Premios de innovación de Volkswagen

First place in the II Edition of the Volkswagen Innovation Awards

The project consists of a mobile application with augmented reality that recognizes the focused electrical cabinet and immediately displays virtual labels that identify the elements of the cabinet. By selecting each label, the electrical diagrams are accessed, considerably reducing the time of interventions.

9 factories and 5 central areas of the Volkswagen brand participated in the final. The jury was composed by the person in charge of Production and Logistics of the Volkswagen brand, twelve factory managers of the Volkswagen brand, a financial director of Production, six heads of the Central area and a Communications officer.

The project has begun with a pilot test carried out in two electrical cabinets of the body workshop area, which will end in March 2016. Once demonstrated its success, the objective is to extend this system to all the electrical cabinets of the factory.